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 NJew Direction Bears Fruit

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New Direction Bears Fruit
So we are in search of gainful employment once again. We toy with a visit to the nearby planet Dicaprio, perhaps to spend some time on the beach, but before we departed the captain had a titanic change of mind, quickly deciding we might be dead if we go there. As an experienced aviator I added my ideas, but no one seemed able to understand them. Nor did anyone comment on my many snappy Dicaprio references.

Anyway, I love to shop and again after some misunderstandings I got myself a new shotgun, part exchanged for my las pistol. Jed also bought himself a thermal pistol and we restocked on equipment. With earnings from our gold mining exploits I was at last able to afford a backpack.

The captain managed to get us a cargo run taking machinery somewhere at 700 credits a tonne and I confidently assured her that I could effectively trim our course to ensure swift delivery. So obviously the fact we initially got slightly lost was just a minor teething problem and there were no evil consequences.

I was a little concerned at our next mission which was transporting some sort of gruesome blob creature from an experimental laboratory, but after carefully weighing up the moral issues the captain agreed that for a thousand credits a tonne we’d transport sliced grandmother burgers to an orphans’ steak restaurant; excellent that we have such a clear moral compass guiding us. The lab seemed permanently under siege from masses of unhappy looking gruesome blob creatures with an apparently inexhaustible appetite for throwing themselves against the lab’s laser batteries.

Nevertheless we escaped the warzone without incident and successfully completed our deliveries without mishap, largely thanks to my skill and judgement. Unfortunately the afore-mentioned skill and judgement did temporarily lapse as we departed and one or two minor systems were slightly damaged* as a result. But hey who needs the ability to enter a planetary atmosphere? That’s why we have a shuttle. And why do we need weapons in such a peaceful galaxy?

*Well, ok slightly completely destroyed actually

We are rather short of food water and other inconsequentials too, so we limp into orbit around a nearby tech level two planet. Jed, the captain and I take the shuttle down to find a somewhat warm planet with average temperatures that you would not want to see if you checked your body temperature as you’d be dead.

We landed on the shores of a lake and whilst I foraged for truffles my companions went hunting, returning with a crocodile like creature after a hilarious mix up about who was hunting who got resolved in our favour. I had some berries to show for my efforts and my scans suggested that whilst not ideal as a third course, they might make an interesting brew with mind altering effects.

So back to refuel at the Kaiser 1 station, that along with various gas giants and stars has been providing our means of locomotion. We decided to visit Tsatsos, the level 5 planet below with great night life according to the brochure* where we visited the local casino. Now of course Jed does not have a gambling problem: He sees an opportunity to gamble, and he’s there.

*It’s a planet of perpetual darkness

After a few friendly rounds of blackjack the captain walked away even whilst I withdraw gracefully down a few credits, Jed however has been able to significantly improve his encumbrance rating and if he gets an opportunity to steal anything* he certainly won’t have any trouble carrying it. His uncanny ability to be dealt hands of 12, 13 or 14 has to be seen to be believed.

*Because he sure won’t be buying anything any time soon

In order to help recover our finances Pat, Jed and I take a job working security for some of the very high-end food stores this planet boasts. There is real fresh food wherever you look and the store pays excellent rates, a hundred credits a days each or to put it in Jedspeak, that’s almost four hands of Blackjack per day.

Jed has meanwhile been approached by a somewhat shady character called Mikhail Dopenev who in a friendly way offers to help him out financially. It’s obvious to all that his new friend is a true altruist with only his best interests at heart. The Captain meanwhile has rustled up more work, despite the fact that the SS in the SS Latis stands for slightly screwed.

Repairs and replacements after my little peccadillo with the nav chart* come to a couple of hundred thousand, so Jed puts our plight to his new bestie who happily loans us the money at 0% interest, just asking for 10k a month repayments and the odd favour. What a swell guy.

*Look anyone could have read that zero as an eight from a certain angle.

We spend a good deal on the repairs and tool up with some more equipment, we even have some money left over to make the first repayment early. Meanwhile Jed, who persuaded his friend to include 5k for himself as part of the loan has hit upon a sure fire way of paying him off. After we talk him out of another trip to the casino we set off with a juicy cargo: 45 tonnes of fruit. Up until this point I thought Jaffa were some sort of aliens involved with the stargate universe but apparently they are actually a type of reddish peelable fruit.

This is a highly lucrative cargo being perishable and we have to steer an erratic course because of the large number of pomegranate pirates and banana bandits who reportedly prowl the spacelanes of the region. I am more successful this time, well, difficult to match the levels of non-success I achieved last time to be honest, and we even manage to accumulate extra cargo and purchase several tonnes of gold from our old friends on Parre which lies on our route.

By lucky chance we are able to sell the gold at a massive profit on another planet whilst delivering more equipment, Jed is even able to clear his debt. It’s all going incredibly well, profitably, something must be about to go spectacularly wrong, if only we had hit on the whole fruit merchant/ gold transporter thing earlier.


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NJew Direction Bears Fruit
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