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 When Life Gives you Blocks....

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When Life Gives you Blocks.... Empty
PostSubject: When Life Gives you Blocks....   When Life Gives you Blocks.... EmptyTue 30 Oct - 15:11:09

When life Gives you blocks you break Blockades
So we decided that there was no profit in continuing our pursuit of the mystery of the stones and vanished colonists on this watery world. We received a message from the Harris Corporation to encourage our defeatist tendencies that offered the excuse of monetary gain if we left to pursue gainful employment.

We head back, Obidiah and Jed both studying how to repair and maintain various systems, unshakeable in their belief that something will be breaking very soon. Barnabus meanwhile appeared to be honing his sneaking skills, no doubt tiring of the abuse that typically greeted his appearance anywhere on the ship, so popular was the presence of his gifted and dynamic orator and veritable demagogue.
Several of us harboured the not all that secret desire that Weylyn would be startled by the bumbling oaf as he attempted to glide silently through the ship’s corridors and would reflexively empty his magazine into a vital part of the politician’s body. Uncharitable I hear you say? You’ve not met the man clearly. Still I resolved to be the bigger man and kept a couple of paracetamol from my medkit to hand in case I needed to unexpectedly attempt lifesaving trauma care on our esteemed colleague.*

*The site of entrails pulped by multiple heavy calibre shells always gives me a headache.

Our old friend Arthur Collins greets our return with news of a mission to the Aneus system; The Duzerite Empire is blockading the planet Torgent and the Harris Corporation’s valuable assets there are in danger. We need to resupply the corporation’s facility there with arms, munitions, medical supplies and all the other little comforts that one misses when under planet wide blockade and bombardment by a hostile military.

Aware that every second lost could be measured in lives lost we decide to go gambling. More than 3000 credits poorer we then decide to empty our hold of gold before loading up to risk our lives breaking the siege, and make a quick hop to offload our cargo at 4800 per tonne, a whopping 600% profit.

Fully loaded with weapons and supplies we then head to the beleaguered and embattled system where the empire of evil has thrown its heinous might against the blameless saintly Corporation that we all know love and owe substantial sums to.

With some care we compute an approach from an unexpected vector partly screened from possible detection by jumping to a point maximising scanner interference from other bodies, magnetic fields and so on. Calculating optimum approach speed to minimise our energy profile we pick our way past an asteroid belt which our passive scans suggest contain some threats and avoiding the sentinel net guarding the planet with relative ease* and without the aid of an ion cannon we penetrate the atmosphere.

*The GM rolled 12 ones

We establish communication with our contact and land just in time for the daily bombardment. We decide heroically to jump in a nearby lake to conceal ourselves and provide some cover and somehow manage to blag this tactic despite our lack of underwater systems.* We then get offloaded meeting with the Harris Corporations local man, Irbit Hazan.

*Hey if James Bond can do it with a Lotus, we can too.

The wisdom of our taking serious cover is evidenced by the many rubbleised* buildings that dominate the urban landscapes we witness. We monitor around 100 Imperial vessels in orbit enforcing the cordon somewhat ineffectually, quite what their motives and tactics are seems something of an unknown quantity. It seems they may be upset with something called the Aneus accord.**

*Sam the word coiner at work again
**Presumably a futuristic version of the classic Honda Accord

With the Imperial screen thinly spread and good data from the planet’s detector systems we easily punch it away from the planet and re-engage the spike drive to get us back at double quick time, bringing back valuable data, messages and intel for Arthur to digest. This little jaunt earns us 36k and as we close another chapter the captain remains dribbling over various upgrade options that we can invest these funds in.

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When Life Gives you Blocks....
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