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 Hungary for a new Mission

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Hungary for a new Mission Empty
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Hungary for a New Mission
Well as my brother always says, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box*, but I think it’s important that I write some things down so that later on I don’t forget the momentry, momonten, momirterus, important things that happened.

*Actually he says ‘Film lined freakishly awkward natterjacks that crumble with frothy dagger shards.’

Captain Urid goes to see Arthur Harris who resides in Dresden Tower, a high rise penthouse that makes any dwelling not furnished with solid gold look really, really cheap. He has a job for us concerning his half-brother Adrian Hallen. They are not close, in fact to be precise Adrian is in sector 0002 on the Planet Augustus, which brings another dimension to the phrase ‘not close’.

Adrian is a major stakeholder in the Harris Corps, owning 40% of the shares which Garble assures me means he owns almost half of it. Apparently he is using his shareholding to hamper Arthur’s efforts to support Aneus and interrupt the company’s cash flow endangering the future of the corporation itself. Quite how is beyond me but then that just puts it on a list of things that to be fair is pretty much infinite compared to the list of things not beyond me.

The journey will take us many weeks but Garble is confident he can steer a safe course. The captain says we need 165K to cover our costs and make the journey worthwhile and who am I to disagree? Bomber seems a little uncertain about how we are going to persuade his brother to release control of the company. He seems not to want us to threaten physical harm to his sibling but is unconvincing when pressed. Our main weapon will be it seems something the captain calls cheque, apparently a piece of paper that becomes money when signed.

I take a peek at the piece of paper and it can’t be worth that much as the number written on it seems to be mostly zeros – at least nine or ten I would say, must be at least 208 thousand credits. That’s even more than he is paying us so I’d be persuaded. The Cap says anyone who wants to can trade gold on this trip. I buy 5 tonnes and Obidiah does the same. Our politician creep Barnabus buys 4 tonnes as does muscle guy Waylon. The Cap buys 8 tonnes and our corporate funds stock up on another 70 tonnes, making, er…many tonnes.

After a successful trip to the casino I buy new armour and no I don’t have a problem. Barnabus meanwhile tracks down an arms dealer and some of the other crew also buy equipment. On a whim I buy a submachine gun. I like noisy weapons; it makes up for my small… wait should I be writing this down? Maybe not.

During our long voyage I make some progress with my research on the spike drive. Boy is that thing complicated. Obidiah doesn’t have much luck with his maintenance tinkering but helps out the cap with her healing studies. Barnabus meanwhile takes to trying to hold conversations with Garble and claims to be getting somewhere but I guess lying is just second nature to these political types.

The bad news is that the price of gold has collapsed since we last traded and we decide to hold on to our gold until the price has gone up. The cap though sells off half of our shared cargo and apparently we still turn a profit of 400 credits a tonne. Waylon sells a couple of his tonnes too - some bodyguard he is – can’t hold his nerve trading cargo, what’s he going to be like trading bullets?

I hit the casino again, no I don’t have a problem – win a couple of grand again. Waylon dabbles too, why does no one think he has a problem? At our last fuelling stop I make a profitable trip to the casino where I continue not to have a problem. Finally we at last arrive at Augustus where we encounter a significant problem:

There is no casino we can detect.

A frontier world, verdant with vegetation, but no casino.

Possibly ten million inhabitants max, but no casino.

Evidence that the brother is planetside, but no casino.

Claims being staked by the Harris corporation and others but no hint of even plans for a casino.

This is horrible. Not good. Cruel and unusual. I HAVE A PROBLEM!

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Hungary for a new Mission
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