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 Sell GAmble Sell

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Sell Gamble Sell

Arriving at Augustus we land at the tastefully named capital. Wellard. We proceed to investigate the whereabouts of the long last brother, after all there are no casinos around that I can see. Adrian is obviously mot here, that would be too easy and the place is fairly basic with giant tents creating many of the structures including the local hostelry.

Attempting some enquiries with some of the employees of the bar we find little progress. Adrian Hallan has a property or claim a hundred miles away, the Harris corporation patch is prominent on a lot of uniforms but no sign so to speak of the organ grinder.

We consider joining the corps,* there are lots of jobs advertised at the workers guild, we also discover that gold is rare here. There is a lot of ground clearance going on around the planet which seems to be a treasure trove of minerals and forests if that’s your thing. Makes my two tonnes of mahogany look pretty puny. **

*The corps is mother, the corps is father
**Although on the upside it’s always good to have wood I find

There is a shuttle in a few days taking workers out to the Harris estate as the gangs rotate, we decide to auction our gold meanwhile. Our new bestie Irwin Weird Fish* sets up the auction and gets us travel papers to travel to the Hallan Estate earlier. In the auction we sell our gold for almost a cool quarter mill - Sad to say we seem to get more enjoyment these days trading.

*Or possibly generic fixer one

We decide to purchase more goods for trading – diamonds, copper, tin, the captain seems to want to buy enough coal to restock every pit in south Wales. My brother buys some topaz for some reason though it’s possible something got lost in translation and he was actually just asking the auctioneer where the rest room was. Clearly uncomfortable with our rampant capitalism, Barnabus decides to take some significant meditation time, I imagine he is wondering how to put across such flagrant commercialism in whatever manifesto he is going to issue.

We spend some of our profits on more equipment – some more obviously useful than others the cap for some reason buys a drone, her bodyguard a motorbike. We fly to the Hallan claim and are met by Violet, who Garble takes an immediate shine to.* Sadly this is completely unrequited and she takes us to a waiting area after we explain why we have come. Seems Mr Hallan is unwell but that’s all we learn.

*I have never known him to offer to rearrange a girls curtains on a first date let alone at first sight.

We are shown to meet the man after an hours wait; he’s wired up to an extensive collection of hi tec medical equipment suggesting that he may not be starting any long books. His vehement hatred of his brother comes across in subtle little ways, for example he asks if we will kill Mr Harris and all of his family. If he hadn’t had a fit of coughing at that moment I think it likely he would have added the traditional radio dedication phrase, ‘and everyone who knows him.’

The captain with a dazzling display of logic that frankly I didn’t think she had in her, pointed out that if he accepted the offer of more than two hundred billion credits, she could pay for his assassination and probably the entire population of every planet he had ever visited many times over.

So he swallowed the deal and we left with our morals unsullied* having declined a fortune and completed our mission. As a final parting shot we receive a computer file with details of literally hundreds of potential nefarious schemes that could be undertaken on this planet should we have the inclination. Assassination targets, claims to be jumped, blackmail information. Pure temptation.

*What have we become?

We send copies of the legal documentation we have got signed and follow the copies back as fast as we can stopping only at a few casinos on the way where fortunately we encounter no major disasters. Reaching Parray we hand over the originals to Bomber who has so far avoided the assassination such a massive bounty richly deserves and receive a handsome bonus. 50k. Wow, now I am not sure how much 208 billion is, but I am pretty sure we could have had at least that much each if we had taken that and still had enough left over to fund my gambling losses for a year.

We make yet another killing trading coal and diamonds and but more stuff, only Garble seems to have lucked out, apparently Topaz is very last season on Parray still perhaps the next planet will need it at an extortionate price, that’s how exciting this merchant business is…. There was a time when we planned, scams, raids, heists, measure success in kills and loot, now it’s all about how many tonnes of this can we afford and should we get a loan or save up….

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Sell GAmble Sell
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