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 And Everything Went Black...

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And Everything Went Black... Empty
PostSubject: And Everything Went Black...   And Everything Went Black... EmptyWed 9 Jan - 9:33:11

And Everything Went Black…
I feel different. Strange. Something has changed yet I can’t sort out my thoughts, they feel jumbled yet orderly; confused into organisation. And where am I? I cannot perceive anything, I cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste however much I try to get my senses working overtime.*

*XTC take a bow

What has happened to me? How did I get here? Where is here? Where was I? Can I remember? Think … what is my name? Obidiah. My name is Obidiah, but everyone calls me…Garbo…Garble, that’s it.
I was with my brother and my crew… on my ship, we were on a mission. I was called to Arkan, the royal court there contacted me. How do they know me? I was worried that I was being lured there into a trap, but Jed said it was ok and he always knows what’s best, except when he gambles of course. I am the pilot and I flew the ship. We are traders… or at least we do a lot of trading.

We have a lot of money, we bought a lot of gear from a trader’s ship, he had been impounded and needed to get rid of many things and the Captain thought it was a good deal. Prices generally were falling on Parray that was the name of the planet where we were.

Was that pain I just felt? Or warmth? Or am I just dreaming? I sold topaz on Parray and made a lot of credits. I flew us to the Durzaran Empire’s home system. We docked at a Research station orbiting Haqui and we did some gambling. I didn’t do very well compared to some others.

We moved on to a system containing a wrecked fuelling station. I reversed onto a promising piece of wreckage that looks like it might be good salvage and unfortunately managed to clunk the cargo bay wall pretty heavily. Still I was pretty sure it would buff out, at least that’s what I told the Captain and she seemed to buy it.

We found the wreck was part of a command module and Jed and I crawled all over it looking for useful tech. We had a three storey section with crawlways and all sorts to check out and it looked like promising gear. Modifying some of our tools we manage to get some downloads from part of the memory core that is still intact but it seems like gibberish. For some reason everyone thinks I should be able to understand it but I can’t.

We moved on then to Arkan and make contact with the court of King Bouffson. The Chancellor – Roland something, tells Jed he has inherited some property on the planet and is actually a Baron. This is all very confusing, does that make me a Baronet? He is evasive about the inheritance, just seems to want to buy Jed out, meanwhile the spaceport seems to be purely for importing military equipment, no war to be seen though. Odd. Maybe I have forgotten something important.

The Arkanus system also contains a colony planet, Tresseme or Trebizan or something. It is ruled by the King’s brother Duke Percy. We decide to visit. This planet is very much the junior partner sending tribute to the homeworld every 25 years. It seems more progressive in some ways, credits are the currency here and tourists were catered for unlike the seemingly more secretive Arkan.

Is that a bright light over there? Perhaps I should move toward it? No it’s gone. This is really interrupting my train of thought, what happened next? I think we moved on again. To a planet we had visited before….Augusta or perhaps Augustus I’m not sure. I’m remembering Weylan taking his hoverbike out for a ride, we were going somewhere, somewhere the tech we had recovered from the module in the hold had pointed us to.

He and Jed found a secret buried facility at the coordinates and the Cap and I joined them to investigate. The complex was seemed pre tech – very advanced with doors that simply disappeared when approached, everything made of the same mirrored metal, tables floating in the air. Controls just emerge from the tables and Jed discovered how to order the complex to fabricate items. He was able to jack in and soon all of us were ordering various items which the module helpfully now communicating with us in English indicated it was producing somehow in various bays around the place.

A duplicate of the module we had recovered was produced in a few minutes, Weylan asked for a Slowtime Window Implant, Jed asked for a Field emitter Panoply, I wondered if it could produce a translator so that people could understand me. In response to my request when I went to find the devise I was confronted by a naked duplicate of myself. Somehow it had misunderstood my instruction and cloned me somehow…then

Suddenly my consciousness was in the clone. My original body just stood there, I took off my pack weapons and equipment but the body would not move and whilst it was easy enough to remove the telescopic pole from my belt and my pistol and shotgun it was not possible to strip off my boots and armour. Weylan helpfully suggested I try to concentrate on swapping back but in doing so my original so speak vanished. Is that where I am now? Thought out of existence onto some other plane?

And suddenly, everyone could understand me, it was if a veil had been lifted and at last they could comprehend what I was saying. Interesting that they had been affected rather than me. Would this extend to anyone else I meet? Now wait, I remember, hostiles, a squad of troopers working for Xancorps whose factory this must belong to. We run, but cannot find a way out… more heavy boots and laser range finders coming from both directions now we are cut off … surrounded.

We hid. In one of the great rooms with boxes of equipment we had just ordered up. We are not detected, but then Weylan goes to a door which vanishes leaving him face to face with a surprised guard. He punches him but he flees. We pursue but the damage was done he is screaming into his comlink and our wild shots only accentuate his urgency.

Weylan flings a grenade down the corridor and now we are pursuing two targets but their friends are close by and a gas grenade bursts right by me and poisons us. Jed is hand to hand, felling a couple of murky figures but there are many more unscathed opponents. Weylan goes down despite my healing efforts stemming the poison, taken out by a stun baton, then the Captain falls. I slap a Lazarus patch on her and give her and I a shot of Lift. I get off a final couple of bursts but then a clap of thunder and a smell of blood and cordite as I take an SMG burst at close range… and this is where I came in but what does it all mean? This trading lark is tough…

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And Everything Went Black...
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