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 Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   Thu 15 May - 14:01:50

BloodBowl has really taken off at Rochford Specialist games club. So much so that the majority of the year is taken up just playing out one season (July through to April); so its no wonder a break is deserved for all the coaches and teams involved at the end. Of course the break is only a token as between seasons other games get going instead (see other gaming threads)
Due to the large structure of the league it is no good just starting a blood bowl team and hoping to win. You need to consider your goals first.

Before considering these though; you need to know the structure so here it is:

BloodBowl Bloodweiser Premier League
This is the top level of BloodBowl, you can only earn your place here and it is a very tough division to contest in.

Spike Championship Open League
This is the next level below the Premier League. It is divided into 2 conferences of equal standing where the winners will play off for the championship and promotion to the premier league. The current champions are Orcland Raiders who have now been promoted to the Premier League.

Bugmans League 2 & Other Leagues
These league are the gatway to BloodBowl. You play matches as and when you feel and choose the league you want to play in. If you want a shot at playing in the Spike you tell the commisioner and put forward your best results of the season. You then get put into play offs with other contenders with the 2 best teams taking their place in the Spike Leagues. Here is where you can enter your fresh teams. There are no hard and fast rules but you cant choose allies and you should ask Geoff before doing so. He will advise you of any special rules you need to know before you start.

To Be continued
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Lord Payne


Number of posts : 635
Registration date : 2007-05-01

PostSubject: Re: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   Fri 16 May - 14:01:06

So you have had time to consider the constitution, now you need to ask the question
What do I want to achieve with my new team?

This is really important as it will also effect the type of team you choose. Here are some examples of answer and the type of team that will suite the response - remember these are examples not hard and fast rules.

I want to score touchdowns fast and win matches in style.

Teams - Wood Elf, Skaven, Dark Elf, High Elf, Classic Elf

I want to maim anyone I meet - winning is secondary

Teams - Chaos, Khemri, Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarf

I like to strike a balance between touchdowns and casualties

Teams - Human, Amazon, Norse, Orc, Lizardmen, Undead

I want fun, I dont care what the outcome is

Teams - Goblins, Ogre, Halflings

BloodBowl is too easy and all the coaches around me suck, I need to raise the stakes

Teams - Halfling, Goblin, Chaos, Necromancer, Nurgle, Khemri

So there are some selections of teams that would fit in well to your answers. It's important you get this right from the offset. As allied players are not allowed until you reach the Spike League and above, you have no versatility so you need to think hard about your selections. The days of "oh I'll have a Halfling team and make sure I have an Elf to collect and pass the ball and maybe a human catcher to run off with it" are long gone.

Your choice is now very important. Halfling teams are designed to be hard to use as James found out in the play-offs when he lost his Wardancer and AG5 Halfling, he no longer knew what to do. If you dont like getting squashed to pulp then dont use Halflings or Goblins.

Now you have answered your question - you need to set some goals too. Being in Bugmans League or Equivalent is a long way from the Spike (Is it, but its only one division down?) as getting promoted can be quite difficult and there could be lots of teams but unwilling to play owed to higher league commitments.
Some example goals:

Qualify for the Chaos Cup
Qualify for the DungeonBowl
Make the Bugmasn Play-offs
Finish the season with more than 100,000GP in the bank
Increase my team rating by 50%
Produce a feeder team for Spike clubs
Win Promotion within 2 seasons

Your Goals need to be SMART
S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Timely

S: dont be vague, I may like to get to the Cup 1st round. Thats not a goal. Be specific - this season I will get my team to a Cup 2nd Round.

M: You need to be able to measure it - this is fairly easy, "Well I am currently in the 2nd Qualifying round so I need to win 2 more matches to get there" A means has been created to measure it

A: Can you really achieve it. If you have a halfling or goblin team and never used them before, you may have set your self something un-achievable goal for this season. But maybe by season 2 of using them. In which xase go back and re-vise your goal

R: Linked closely to the above. Achievable yes, because someone has to get there, but unrealistic right now.

T: You need a timescale. The goal can give you that. eg by my thrid season I will be promoted to the Spike. You have a timescale to record your progress.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   Fri 16 May - 17:03:01

Dear Lord Payne, I need help - which category do vampire teams fit? Do you have to use unpleasant and indeed many would say offensive phrases like 'Raising the stakes'?

Lord N Marienburg
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   Sun 18 May - 23:03:10

Vampire teams would fit into the "BloodBowl is too easy and all the other coaches suck" category. You are indeed a great coach if you can get something out of these
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   Tue 20 May - 14:01:21

An Example team selection

BloodBowl Sucks and so do my fellow coaches!!!

The Challenge is set, I have the models, so an all halfling team is the choice for BloodBowl III. The return of Geoffs Greenfield Grasshuggers. Although I'm allowed 2 treeman, I opt against this, to have two would merely reduce the challenge I have set. With only one I must choose between fighting or throwing team mates.

Now the Goals
S: Its been a while since using these so I will set long term and short term objectives. Long term I want to be using them in the Spike Conferences. So Short term will be nice and specific. Finish the season with 3 victories.
M: To measure this, I will allow the victories to come from any opponent and from any tournament. This increases my chances of obtaining the 3 wins
A: Yes they are achievable - there are 2 goblin teams so there is a realistic chance I can get what I want
R: Very realistic, owed to there being 2 Goblin teams, and the Bugmans league allows me to challenge any team any number of times.
T: The time scale is set at 1 season.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III   

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Creating a BloodBowl Team as of BloodBowl III
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