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 Preparations for Pilgrimage

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PostSubject: Preparations for Pilgrimage   Wed 12 Aug - 11:14:35

Mission Report

Sierra zero niner Alpha Nine

Threat Level Epsilon White Four

We arrived at our appointed guardianís compound and met the great Aristarchus at last. He seemed to have a thing for dead trees cut into furniture, a particularly self indulgent and potentially impure trait I felt. A descendent of St Drusus, he gave us more background information including on Inquisitor Globus Varak. It was unclear to me why he chose to reveal this information and caused me to wonder if he could be trusted, as I imagine our largely cybernetic Inquisitor would not wish personal information to be shared with our mere unworthy selves. I was also concerned that he was disrespectful as he remarked several times about our hallowed inquisitor being a drunkard.* Fortunately I appeared to make a good impression, so am well placed to detect any further signs of disloyalty and potential treachery. Whilst he enriched our information on the planet somewhat, our trip to the pits actually seemed to garner more useful information. More on that later.

*He mentioned him being legless so many times I very nearly said something but HE gave me the strength to exercise iron self control
He had procured a flatbed vehicle and a couple of warrior types to boost our killing power. One Samuel Vimes and didnít quite catch the other guyís name. (Jayne something? No canít have been that, thatís a girlís name). We face a two day trip north on the Pilgrimís Road to Stern Hope for the consecration in five days time. Our good host seems to blame witchcraft for the incidents but could only hint at his own vague suspicions. Some local witch type, a death singer will feature heavily in the ceremonies and immediately activated my Ďsuspicious people well worth peppering with missile fire antenna.í*

*Iím making a list of candidates under this heading and itís rapidly growing. At this rate there will soon be more non party members on it than party members

We also established that the local King would not be present and the local Sisterhood seem to be fanatically puritanical and make Brother Eliminster and I look like Geography teachers.* Perhaps theyíre not quite so high up our suspect list any more. We wasted some entertaining moments establishing call signs for our group: The newcomers are Blue Budgie** and Crimson Eagle; Brother Eliminster is Green Falcon; our Psyker is Black Sparhawk; nemesis Quint is Grey Crow and Wild Bill is Red Sparrow. My own call sign is Cerulean Condor.

*Though this comparison did lead to some fond reminiscing about some fairly formidable Geography teachers of legend.

**Admittedly impressive plumage

We went out into the evening, Brother Eliminster hoping to stumble across some luckless peasant to ventilate, Quint and I with some shopping needs and a general thirst for information. The most interesting nugget we were able to glean was news of a new and rising cult to the south, known as Sethís voice. We heard it was a huge army building up organised by an ex adept who had definite powers of charisma and charm centred on his voice. The strength of the reports we heard suggested that this was a surprising omission from our briefing. On our return old Aristo confirmed the news, but he seemed to view the guy as just another rising warlord.

The Pilgrimsí Road is said to be beset by bandits and hazards. Two days in a rickety old vehicle with a less than harmonious group, possibly already infiltrated with treachery and heresy. The road is said to be soaked in the Ghost Fire pollen, a legacy of the strife and conflict that itís seen over the years. Is this going to affect us? Brother Eliminster seems violent enough already. If we make it to Stern Hope we expect to meet threats to the consecration from local rebels, chaos powers and a huge army of disaffected natives bewitched by a deluded messiah who preaches himself to be HIS very prophet. Sigh. Just another day at the office then.

Signing off in HIS Glorious name

Cerulean Condor

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Preparations for Pilgrimage
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