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 Everything Under Control

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PostSubject: Everything Under Control   Tue 13 Dec - 12:43:33

Everything Under Control

Well, we were all deeply shocked and concerned at the horrific massacre of Kriege and his men. We could find no evidence of foul play beyond the rotten rat* and resolved to redouble our efforts to protect the child. The crusade was by now nearing the city of Altdorf and diligent eavesdropping revealed to us further arguments amongst the leadership.

*Just how much evidence do they need?

Approaching the capital and its impressive spires, a delegation of Crusade worthies with us amongst its escort and Gizbert trailing behind, was met by an official rebuttal. A large number of crossbowmen itching for target practise reinforced the city fathers’ official invitation for us all to go forth and multiply.

This left the leaders arguing again: Jan seemed to want to bypass Altdorf altogether, taking up the suggestion from Aldorf’s finest that Talabheim is particularly beautiful at this time of year. This would put us on the road to Kislev and protect the child, whose continued existence would we were assured, cease the moment he rose to rabble rouse in any borough of the Empire’s first city.

Helmut and Eisenbach carried the day however with a plan to smuggle in the child. Meanwhile we continued to gather scraps of evidence, the only question was, evidence of what? An overheard conversation between a butcher and a soldier from Jan’s entourage was suspicious to our ears, cocked for signs of poisoners at work amongst the canteen staff. The soldier mentioned the name Tobias, one we felt sure was significant* and then went to Jan’s tent.

*Heavy GM hint

We decided to force the issue a little and confided our suspicions to Jan that Kriege’s death was a set up brought about by external manipulation. We also suggested that now would be a great time for Jan to develop some of his staff’s untapped potential as food tasters. Later events would prove our trust as ever, spectacularly misplaced.

Next day we were included at Helmut’s insistence amongst the guard detail that would smuggle the child in through one of the city’s lower profile gates, with a view to him converting large numbers of the populace, building on the success of the rally he had already addressed outside the city the day before. This had created large numbers of additional converts to the cause and returned a potential fifth column back within the city walls.

We joined a detachment that included Jan and his men and Karl’s personal bodyguard. With his innocent beguiling we were quickly able to secure the assistance of some merchants who were bringing their wares to the city in a couple of carts. The nature of these wares? Well coffins are very big in Altdorf this season apparently and the child was duly placed in one of the caskets to the disappointment of all the Robin Hood fans amongst us who had been diligently searching for a wagon full of hay in which to hide.

It worked a charm as we moved through the throng into the city. As we approached our destination however, Jan’s men decided that they would carry out a little exercise to see just how good the child’s bodyguards were: The exercise took the form of seeing just how well they could carry out their bodyguarding duties with their throats cut, and sure enough the escorts found that being unexpectedly killed by your own comrades whilst defenceless significantly impaired their efficiency in the whole ‘make sure no one gets to your principal’ principle that is fundamentally at the heart of the whole bodyguarding concept.

A large number of innocent bystanders also turned out instead to be innocent Nurgle cultists bent on our slaughter, as if we weren’t already boned enough. To add insult to pending injury, the carts bolted as combat began shedding us onto the street at various intervals where we were set upon by the afore mentioned heavily armed innocent bystanders/ murderers.

Larry did manage to get a spell off and Borri spectacularly slew one assassin severing (what else?) his opponent’s leg.* I struck my own attacker and took a glancing wound, Jan then cast a spell that created a nauseating stench that caused all to gag and choke, and in a few seconds it was all over, as we found ourselves alone, childless and feeling pretty stupid having just experienced at first hand the reason why you don’t tangle with a Nurgle sorcerer. Another job well done.

*What else could he reach?

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Everything Under Control
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