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 Grand Alliances

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PostSubject: Grand Alliances   Mon 9 Jul - 12:38:42

Grand Alliances

Lord Grycerricus led a force jointly with Tyranid and Chaos Marine support against allied Eldar, Dark Eldar and Tau forces covering their retreat from the Tantlos sector. In a semi integrated deployment, marines broadly took the left flank and Tyranids the right, leaving us the centre.

On our left with marine forces on both sides Grycerricus had three destroyers and two heavy destroyers. A squad of warriors came next with an embarked warrior squad aboard the ghost ark NNV Royal Sovereign plus Grycerricus himself.

To his right the Doomsday Ark NNV Ultimate Power took position on higher ground and on its right he assembled two wraiths and supporting scarabs. Behind, deathmarks led by a cryptek and immortals flanked the Ultimate. Also right centre, a Triarch Stalker and the Annihilation Barge NNV Valiant secured the position. More chaos marine forces were scattered through the centre, including a number aboard a transport.

The enemy deployed very strongly on the right with the Tau, plus smaller numbers of Eldar and Dark Eldar across the centre with almost nothing on their right. Eldar occupied a fortified bastion opposite our left centre. They would reinforce their right during the engagement with Dark Eldar in particular appearing together with flanking Tau stealth suits. Apart from more conventional reinforcements, they would also deep strike in the centre with Tau battlesuits.

The battle was short but sharp; To summarise for our allies first, the Chaos marines infiltrating on the left engaged a lone Dark Eldar unit dug in. They also advanced strongly on the left and through the centre, where they took very heavy losses to the Dark Eldar and Eldar. In particular the Dark Eldar HQ meted out much punishment, destroying even the formidable chaos daemon in the fierce fighting.

The Tyrannids on the right assaulted in force, mixing it with the many fire warriors that poured from the fleet of Tau transports. Monstrous creatures got involved with a giant Eldar Avatar but the engagement ended before the melee could be resolved as the opponents proved evenly matched. Neither side seemed able to strike decisive damage though both took losses.

For our units, a unit by unit analysis:

The Triarch Stalker: Advancing through the centre destroyed the largest Eldar vessel but was itself destroyed by deep striking Tau battlesuits that appeared next to it. Control of it was briefly taken by the Eldar with a psychic attack before its destruction.

The Destroyers: The heavies engaged Dark Eldar on the left as they advanced but were then blocked by advancing chaos forces before losing two destroyers to the main Dark Eldar thrust from the left that included transports and jet bikes.

The Valiant: Targeted Eldar snipers in the tall buildings opposite our right centre with little success before exploding.

The Royal Sovereign: Advancing centre left engaged an Eldar transport doing some damage before exploding. Lord Grycerricus and his squad were then subject to fire from disembarked Eldar suffering one third casualties.

The Wraiths: Eldar psychic trickery caused the stalker to open fire and eliminate one wraith with its heat ray as they advanced to assault Eldar sniper positions.

Scarabs: Advancing to attack Eldar vessels in the centre suffered over 60% losses to Eldar infantry fire and were unable to assault as a result.

Deathmarks and Cryptek: Did not get a shot off, nor were they engaged though they were close to engaging Tau battlesuits when the engagement broke off.

The Ultimate Power: Destroyed a Tau broadside early on, though she had been aiming at the Eldar tank. Also clipped the Eldar bastion aiming at the same target. Hit in return and then exploded.

Warriors: The disembarked squad advanced on the left of the Royal Sovereign and did not engage though were close to Eldar troops when we disengaged.

Immortals: Failed to engage also and suffered 40% casualties when the nearby Royal Sovereign exploded.

A poor display therefore with many units not even getting involved. When we broke off several of our units were in a position to engage enemy units from all three opponents including the jet bikes of the Dark Eldar that were behind our centre, the Eldar troop units in the centre, two squads of deep striking battlesuits and the Dark Eldar HQ and transports on the left.

We would have done some damage but several units were weakened and all our heavy support was gone, so phasing out was the safer option given that we had been seriously let down by our allies, especially the very delicate chaos marines.

The chaos marines were largely wiped out and the Tyrannids seemed stalemated by the Tau on the right. We had lost four units of thirteen committed, all vehicles, with damage to four more. Itís believed that each enemy force may have lost one unit including the Eldar tank destroyed by us. Of our original force of 1495, 687 remained on withdrawal, a loss rate of around 55%.

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Grand Alliances
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