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 The Propheticum Hereticus Tenebrae

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The Propheticum Hereticus Tenebrae   Thu 19 Jul - 10:32:44

Entry: “The nature of the threat is either unknown, resists analysis, is deliberately hidden, or falls outside the normal categories of danger. This threat classification is also in rare circumstances applied to forbidden dangers of mankind’s own forgotten antiquity” – definitions of the common Inquisitorial Threat Ratings, Tabernacle of the Conclaves Segmentum

Long ago whispers foretold a baleful black sun, drifting on the aetheric winds, that would appear without warning and bring terror to all. Over time such myths gave form to prophecies concerning a nightmare star. These prophecies predict calamitous events and the coming of universal ruin, warning of a threat that once was and shall be again, of the death of nations and of worlds laid waste.
The prophecies are fragmentary, puzzling things that talk of events yet to come to pass, of a widening shadow of terror, destruction and misrule. Yet the precise meaning of what is to come eludes even those scholars who have spent their lives devoted to the lore of the unknown. The Hereticus Tenebrae is a thing that hovers maddeningly close to revelation and understanding and yet eludes the grasp of the sane and insane alike. The most troubling aspect of this mystery is that whatever the “thing” is that men have come to know as the Tyrant Star, it is in some measure terrifyingly real, as the planets it has laid to waste can testify.
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The Propheticum Hereticus Tenebrae
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