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 Brief Encounter

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PostSubject: Brief Encounter   Mon 6 Aug - 17:20:15

Brief Encounter

Overlord Terrag aboard the command barge Warrior Prince led a force 1498 strong in an engagement with the Chaos Marines infiltrating sector 578-AP7. Two squads of warriors and one of immortals led by a cryptek made up his troop contingent. A unit of deathmarks would provide their sniping services and a Triarch stalker added some teeth. Four wraiths with whip coils and two small units of scarabs added speed.

The deathmarks occupied the central blockhouse objective with the Stalker deployed infront. The warriors held the left flank, the immortals the right with Terrag himself centre right with the scarabs and the wraiths supporting the left.

Opposing them, five squads of chaos marines including terminators facing our left. One central unit was in a transport and another occupied the blockhouse containing our objective. The enemy warlord accompanied the largest group of hostiles on our right. A walker supported their right flank.

We advanced our centre and right flank and opened fire with pitiful effect against enemy armour. Many of our units remained out of range. The enemy too moved up to counter our advances, one unit disembarking onto high ground in the centre from their rhino.

Terrag’s barge was assaulted and destroyed by a melta bomb but the overlord escaped unscathed, only to be struck down by the enemy leader. Fortunately he regenerated immediately. The leading scarab unit, attempting to close for assault was almost wiped out by area effect weaponry but other enemy attacks were ineffectual.

The two scarab units now both attempted assaults on the marine transport, the first unit, almost entirely wiped out perhaps understandably faltered, but the second unit made it, wrecking the vehicle with their entropic strikes.

The stalker in the centre now engaged and assaulted, inflicting casualties and the wraiths moving across to the right assaulted enemy HQ after deathmark and immortal fire had little effect. Some casualties were inflicted but a number of wraiths took wounds too.

Counter fire now rippled through our lead warriors on the left taking out more than half, but all but one executed its reanimation protocols successfully. Assault attempts by the enemy right failed. Our stalker remained stalemated in the centre and our undamaged scarab unit was wiped out by enemy action in the centre. Terrag fell again on the right and successfully reanimated a second time, then the action broke off.

Terrag had lost 95% of his scarabs, 10% of his warriors and his barge. In addition the wraiths’ squad whilst intact, was weakened. The enemy had lost a transport and an estimated 20% to 40% of two units. Both our side and theirs had three undamaged squads and an undamaged walker. His remaining force amounted to 1300, a loss rate below 15%, enemy losses were similar.


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Brief Encounter
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