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 Escape Thwarted

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PostSubject: Escape Thwarted   Mon 13 Aug - 13:51:14

Escape Thwarted

Crypteks Aliassandror and Torturicos led a force to prevent the escape of Tau agent code named Domino from the Tau landing station at Kilomod Ridge. The Doom Scythes NNV Trailblazer and NNV Juggernaut were assigned heavy support with the Night Scythe NNV Dependable bearing Torturicos and an immortal team.

Aliassandror on foot headed up a squad of warriors on our left with another immortal team on his right. The flank was secured by a Triarch Stalker and the Annihilation barge Merciless, which formed up in the centre of the field. A screen of five destroyers, three of them heavy protected the warriors.

The Tau had large numbers of troops, many set up illegally with stealth suits facing our centre and a lone battlesuit centre field with the target agent. A squad of troops was forward on both flanks with three squads in defensive positions in the centre and two more deep on our right. Three warships lay well back ready to bring their long range missiles to bear and a large squad of Kroot were waiting in the centre near the front.

The engagement opened with the Tau first line of defence closing up and opening fire, temporarily knocking out two destroyers which quickly reanimated. Then we opened fire with the stalker and barge inflicting losses on the stealth suits which should have been even more damaging in the vacuum conditions but strangely werenít.

The agent began his retreat towards the safety of a distant orbital shuttle and the Kroot leader narrowly avoided a blast from Aliassandror. Some immortals fell on our right flank to early shots, and the entrenched Tau on our left took a few casualties from the advancing destroyers.

Then the Kroot poured forward in a heavy assault, absolutely overwhelming the five destroyers which had already been reduced to four by enemy fire. They were easily swept aside by the sheer weight of numbers. The Merciless now damaged the advancing enemy warlord battlesuit, again with less effect than anticipated and the enemy stealth suits were again reduced and then assaulted by our stalker causing them to withdraw temporarily.

The immortals and warriors failed to do much to the swarming Kroot, but now our three fliers roared into action in the centre. In a hail of death rays and Tesla fire the three central Tau squads all took hits. On the right meanwhile, a large group of flayed ones appeared and assaulted the rearmost enemy troop squad.

The Dependable, which had deep struck close to Domino disembarked its immortals who cut down the target objective before the Night Scythe opened fire on the other reserve troop squad regrettably doing some damage to the flayed ones too.

The final action before withdrawal saw the immortals destroyed by the enemy battle suitís assault and the warriors and Aliassadror destroyed by the kroot attack wave. The Merciless engaged the kroot but the stalker was destroyed by enemy fire. The flayed ones continued to batter their opponents in a combat where they were narrowly superior, and death rays and disruptor fire from our doom scythes destroyed one Tau warship and damaged another.

The Dependable and her cargo inflicted significant losses on two more Tau squads before disengaging. A strategic victory therefore with the target destroyed, but at a cost: We lost five units including warlord Aliassandror and of the six units that escaped two, Torturicosís immortals and the flayed ones had suffered significant casualties.

The Tau were not unscathed however: They had only lost one unit plus the objective and had three units undamaged, but nine others had been depleted, many of them 50% or more. Our losses totalled just under 55%, Tau losses were estimated at 45%. Flier shields performed unusually well and on that form they might have done significant additional damage had they not withdrawn, plus a couple of enemy units survived unexpectedly which might have kept our stalker alive longer too and tipped the result.

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Escape Thwarted
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