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 Chaos Strikes

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PostSubject: Chaos Strikes   Tue 25 Sep - 17:28:08

Chaos Strikes

Overlord Dirango led a force of 1500 to contest the Tigrid sector. With him on the left flank were eight deathmarks and a cryptek, on the right a cryptek and nine immortals held an objective. In the centre left a lord and cryptek held another objective with nine warriors supported by another unit of eight warriors and a cryptek. In the centre the Doomsday ark NNV Bloodstrike took position.

Opening fire the Bloodstrike inflicted losses on the enemy HQ on our right injuring the enemy warlord. The deathmarks also inflicted losses on the left hand unit of marines which they had marked. In the centre an enemy walker took a hit from a cryptek’s eldritch staff but it did no harm. We advanced our central warrior unit into difficult terrain centrally where they could take a third objective.

The enemy came on, scoring a hit on the Bloodstrike disabling it temporarily and knocking out its quantum shields. Enemy jump infantry began to pour forward on the left but failed to assault. We took our first losses on the left from the oncoming marines, but then the Doom Scythes NNV Vindicator and Fearsome appeared and put a stop to the enemy assault threat for the moment as their death rays and tesla disruptors wiped out the raptor threat.

The enemy came on though and began inflicting further hits. The damaged Bloodstrike exploded and the central warriors were attacked and then assaulted and took heavy losses despite the protection of a cryptek’s lightning field. The enemy left was looking slightly tattered though but they now held an objective on the right and were contesting in the centre.

An enemy flyer appeared on the left and damaged the Vindicator and then enemy terminators deep struck in the centre close to the crater left by the Bloodstrike. Two daemons also arrived, one replacing the champion on the left hand unit, the other deep in the enemy rear.

The daemon attacked the overlord’s unit and began inflicting casualties. In the centre our warriors fell and the immortals were attacked and assaulted from three directions despite the Fearsome further depleting the HQ unit as it screamed overhead. The Vindicator was disabled though and forced to withdraw.

The daemon finished off the Overlord and his unit of deathmarks and our remaining warrior group engaged the enemy left inflicting casualties with their rapid fire before they tried to tackle the daemon. They also suffered an attack by the other daemon that flew overhead. Their cryptek had separated to try his abyssal staff and other attacks but he failed to break the terminators morale and rejoined the warriors.

Meanwhile the immortals were broken on the right despite the marine remanants failing what should have been an easy assault. They fell back (amazingly) extricating themselves despite heavy losses. They then they rallied as they retreated to their objective, but the two surviving terminators moved in and finished them off. This was the final action. The enemy held one objective and had entered our deployment zone and killed our warlord.

We had lost four of seven units deployed, only one cryptek and one lord escaped with less than half of their warriors plus the pair of scythes. The enemy had lost probably half of their marines plus the jump infantry unit and their terminators were below half strength. The Chaos force’s daemons, flyer and walker were all intact, their total estimated losses around a third.

Our strength was about 550 representing losses of almost two thirds. Another in a long sequence of disasters, not only against Chaos marines (no victories) but against the universe in general (no wins since June.) Reinforcements and or cheating required!

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Chaos Strikes
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