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 Brief Encounter

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PostSubject: Brief Encounter   Tue 23 Oct - 17:20:23

Brief Encounter

Orikan the Diviner and Iluminor Szeras led a small group on the Kassiap Plateau where Chaos Marines and orcs in an unholy alliance were sweeping forward to secure the strategically vital spaceport at Talimere. Scouting ahead of the main force Orikan foresaw an attack and the arrival of Tyrannids equally ill disposed towards the orcs and marines. He was able to conclude a swift alliance of convenience.

Taking defensive positions west of the Tyrannid force Orikan led a team of twenty augmented warriors, Szeras held the objective with a secondary team. On the left immortals with their tesla carbines covered the battleground. The Annihilation Barge NNV Merciless took the centre of our formation.

Opposite, a squad of orcs occupied a fortification with a squad of Marines nearby. A large squad of orc troops occupied the centre and more marines and a priest took the flank opposing the Tyrannid swarm that burst forward to engage.

Szeras opened fire on the orcs and the Merciless moved to the high ground infront of our position as the marines advanced. The orcs heavy weaponry hit Orikan and his squad inflicting significant losses, the orcs and Tyrannids were exchanging fire on the right, the Tyrannids spawning reinforcements as they went.

Minor losses were inflicted on the large central orc horde with was flooding enemy entrenchments. Our tomb stalker meanwhile appeared behind the enemy and fired on the orcs too Meanwhile the marines on the left had taken heavy losses from the Merciless and now took fire from our troops too. The marine commander fell back in cowardly fashion, leaving his men to be wiped out by our steady fire.

A huge flying drake flew in attacking the Tyrannids and their own monstrous flier battled the marines on the right. Our tomb stalker engaged too, but the marines proved tough and destroyed it.

The action broke off inconclusively with neither side achieving a victory: The Tyrranids had absorbed a lot of punishment and lost several minor units; we had lost the tomb stalker and taken a few casualties amongst the troops. The orcs had suffered losses too and the marines were a unit down. From an original strength of 1000 we had been reduced to 730.

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Brief Encounter
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