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 New Era in painting

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: New Era in painting   Sat 10 Nov - 10:30:28

We are very fortunate here at the Rochford Games club as we have a multitude of skilled artists that work on our models and games.

We have 4 skilled painters, all of whom use very different techniques to get the look and feel that they want from their models and we also have a professional Sculptor/Artisan who helps with making our scenary with resins and injection moulds. Some of this work can be seen in the army showcase in the Warhammer 40,000 thread, feel free to go and browse.

If you contact us I am sure we will be more than happy to share our thoughts and ideas on how we make our models and paint them.

Most hobbyists are probably more than aware that Games Workshop have changed their paint range, which for some this will have cuased a head ache with projects already in motion. Worry ye not - there are still auction sites and shops that sell the old range if you need a top up and you can also find a colour match chart in Games Workshop stores and on their website to help you get the closest match to continue your projects.

Over the coming months Geoff and Toby will be sharing more ideas of the skills they have been learning to paint your models more effectively (Well if we can actually get Toby out of his paint crypt we will hear from him). We will also try to get some thoughts from Nicola who has been tirelesy working on building and painting a Chaos Space Marines army - photo's on their way in due course.

We will also be getting some insights on the new painting range from one of our lessor experienced painters, Sam, who has been making use of it with much success.

If you would like to join our mini community then please register - it's free - and contact us by posting a comment or sending us a message through the message service.

Please, all we ask is that you respect our site and make constructive postings, we have no time for ego maniacs or slanderers here. We hope you enjoy reading our posts and articles and being part of our hobby community

WSG Team
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New Era in painting
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