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 Double Teamed

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PostSubject: Double Teamed   Tue 13 Nov - 18:27:57

Double Teamed

Lord Hebrestu led a force 994 strong against Tyrannids and Blood Angels fighting for possession of the Theragon refinery outside Premagast City. He took ten warriors and a cryptek seeking to outflank the enemy whilst a squad of deathmarks and six Aconthrites would deep strike. The NNV Superb, an annihilation Barge and two squads of nine warriors held the south east quadrant of the refinery, led by a second cryptek.

The Tyrannids were spread west of our location including two queen creatures to spawn termagants, a couple of bombarding types and a large well armed HQ squad armed with bone swords. The humans were North West of us in one large mass.

The Tyrannids advanced their forces against both opponents, their beasts immediately encountering fallopian foul ups stopping their spawning for the rest of the action. We opened fire with our cryptek’s eldritch staff scoring our first kill on a Tyrannid beast. The horde swarmed against the marines on the Tyrannid left and the marines began to pour fire into them, wiping out the first unit of termagants, however, one marine unit broke and ran under the return fire.

The tyrannids were avoiding our guns for the moment, but then Hebrestu ordered in his reserves: Aconthrites appeared behind the termagants holding the objective in their centre; deathmarks appeared close to the main objective in the centre of the marine deployment zone, and the Lord himself emerged close to the blood angels’ rear and opened fire on them together with the deathmarks, inflicting losses on the already fleeing unit.

The Aconthrites poured melta fire into the enemy, reducing the termagant numbers hugely and in the centre our advancing warriors and cryptek blunted the Tyrannid advance, destroying a forward termagant unit with the aid of the Superb.

The marines were having serious trouble against the tyrannids as they were terrified of the monstrous creature menacing them; however their two rear units including the only two survivors of the rallied retreat, attempted to assault Lord Hebrestu. They were cut to pieces by our overwatch fire, then the cryptek’s lightning field and were routed; however, terminator reinforcements arrived by deep strike between Hebrestu and the deathmarks.

Our other cryptek now fell to the barrage of the Tyrannid bombardiers who remained concealed in cover. Our forward warrior squad had taken some casualties but held a minor objective. Our reserve warriors began to try and extend from the objective they were holding towards the main objective in the marine sector, currently held by the terminators.

The tyrannids main force including their brood lord attacked the Aconthrites, destroying two with their fire, then three more in assault with their bone swords. Only a few of them had fallen in reply. Our central warriors began to move to assist Hebrestu, but the terminators now were engaged in assault including a challenge by the librarian against our lord. The HQ group resisted well for several turns whilst being whittled away, Hebrestu’s scarabs worked once but eventually the unequal struggle ended. All were not lost though as the cryptek reanimated and retreated back to join the covering deathmarks.

The tyrannid’s barrage having eliminated our left hand cryptek now wrecked the Superb and the last aconthrite was destroyed by the continuing assault. They horde now held three objectives having destroyed the lead marine units and we were holding one, the reserve unit having failed to extend its troops all the way across to the deathmarks. It now attempted to redeploy towards the central minor objective, abandoned by the forward group as they moved to assist against the terminators. The terminators took heavy losses from the deathmarks and the trusty lightning field as they assaulted, only the wounded librarian surviving, at one point he did briefly break the deathmarks, but they rallied only to lose however several more including the cryptek in the next assault.

Incredibly they reanimated again though and held firm, and as the order to phase out came through we held one objective, and contested the second main objective, both of our troop squads having failed to get to their targets. The marines had only their wounded leader remaining, still struggling with our deathmarks. The tyrannids had both their beasts, the two bombardiers and about 75% of their HQ unit having lost only their four light units of termagants, two to us and two to the Blood Angels.

We rallied with half of our warriors, one cryptek and 60% of our deathmarks. Losses were in excess of 70% including four complete units of the eight deployed. We had taken out two marine and two Tyrannid units and damaged a unit on each side, almost destroying the marines’ terminators. We had lost our warlord and the marines had taken first blood. Our troops had failed late manoeuvres to try and obtain two further objectives but even seizing them would have left us behind the tyrannids whose three objectives were more strategically valuable.

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PostSubject: Re: Double Teamed   Wed 14 Nov - 10:29:47

WHo has Blood Angels?
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Double Teamed
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