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 CHAPTER II - Pushing the Advantage.

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Al-Farrak Bin Saladin


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PostSubject: CHAPTER II - Pushing the Advantage.   Thu 22 Nov - 23:27:39

Exert from battle log created by Augustus Corvo

-----## Augustus Covro: Reclusiarch
---## Command Level: Leader of Men of the Red Mist’s ‘3rd Company’ and attached Sanguine Coven.

----### Begin Log ###----

After our initial victory in the Kel-Morian Foothills, I decided that we should push the offensive against the Traitors, after a global scan was completed by the imperial fleet it became obvious that the firepower that Chaos forces could bring to bear would be severely harmed if a hidden manufactorum located on the Kel-Morian plateau was captured or destroyed.

The attack would not be easy, after the huge losses we suffered in the first conflict I have no choice but to bring the last 3 assault squads that are attached to 3rd Company, I will personally lead I squad, leaving Sergeant Wallace and Sergeant Parsons to lead VI and VII, supporting us would be 3 reincarnated battle-brothers one of which is a pysker alongside this is a whirlwind heavy support vehicle.
The enemy forces that assembled where a fearsome warband of turncoat marines, thousand sons, two heavy support groups, the unknown weapons platform and a thunderhawk gunship, the chaos forces were clustered amongst the buildings of the targeted manufactorum.

We struck hard and fast seizing the initiative, our drop pods smashed into the frontlines defence of the arch-enemy, our dreadnaughts and whirlwind tank brought their weapons to bear on the large band of traitor marines causing heavy losses, it was at this time that one of the original traitors exposed himself to our scanners, the betrayer, Kharn had taken to the field. I led the assault squads up the right flank using the Dreadnaughts to draw fire. The chaos fired back doing little to damage our forces, however due to the proximity of the Liberian Dreadnaught to the chaos forces he was quickly assaulted and destroyed.
Advancing further up the right flank we sustained damage from the chaos heavy weapons teams, then close to our position a chaos drop pod smashed down and unloaded a large group of thousand sons which quickly destroyed assault squad VII and Sergeant Parsons, counterattacking, we destroyed the cursed sons of Magnus and the foul warp sorcerer that accompanied them and continued forward into a hail of gunfire that cut more of my marines down. On the left the our Dreadnaught brothers slaughtered the band of traitor marines but met their end to the axe of Kharn, it was now that it became clear to me, either Kharn or myself would die this day, maybe both.

The objectives where now in range of our specialist assault weapons, I and VI squads unleashed their melta weapons destroying the first munitions dump and damaging the demonic weapons platform, it was at this point that the Heavy weapons of the chaos forces began to tell, Laz blasts and missiles rained down upon us killing the rest of I squad and culling VI down to 4 men, the Arch-traitor Kharn, now finished destroying the other noble Dreadnaughts had now made his way to our position and stood in our way. It was the valiant actions of Sergeant Wallace that seized victory this day; he charged in squad right to Kharn, ultimately he died alongside his 3 remaining battle-brothers but not before wounding the Arch-Traitor. While Kharn was occupied, I swiftly attached melta-bombs to the warhound titan that was half constructed, and the other weapons dump, which had the chaos heavy support squads inside it. The bombs detonated, destroying both targets and securing our victory, even if I had died, the blow had been dealt.

Now only Kharn stood before me, he was severely wounded and I also had sustained damage during our assault, charging Kharn I said a prayer to the God-Emperor wishing for strength to overcome such a fearsome enemy, I struck first and took advantage of Kharn’s shattered guard, I buried my Arcaeum in his chest, although the rage and hate for me still was in his eyes, his body was another matter, I stood over him as he drifted away to whatever hell awaits those who consort with daemons.

We had won, but at what cost? I was on the verge of death, all of my warriors lay dead or dying scattered across the battlefield, reinforcements arrived to see my almost lifeless body clutching the head of Kharn, separated from his body with his own weapon.

The Men of the Red Mist now control the Kel-Morian plateau, from here the push to the Fortress of Kathrax begins, we will use a weapon discovered in the Manufactorum to penetrate the curtain wall of the Fortress and destroy the Traitor king.

Due to the losses sustained in this bloody conflict and my own personal injuries, I have now superseded my command temporarily to the master of 2nd company, who will be reinforcing this sector soon.

-------##### Casualties Sustained ####-----------
I Squad – 10 Battle Brothers and Sanguine Priest (Squad Destroyed)
VI Squad – 10 Battle Brothers and Sanguine Priest (Squad Destroyed)
VII Squad – 10 Battle Brothers and Sanguine Priest (Squad Destroyed)
Blood Angels Armoured Division – Whirlwind Tank (Destroyed)
Liberian Dreadnaught Shan (Destroyed)
Furioso Dreadnaught Mansell (Destroyed)
Furioso Dreadnaught Raynor (Destroyed)

---### End Log ###---
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Draegon Eledor


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PostSubject: Re: CHAPTER II - Pushing the Advantage.   Sat 24 Nov - 18:33:55

--##Incoming Transmission##--

--++Scrapcode Encrypted++-
--++Fortress of Kathrax++--

--++Outpost 52160++--

--++Transcript as Follows++--

So. It seems that the mighty Kharn cannot even hold a simple manafactorium, and our defiler missile is now in the hands of the lap dogs of the corpse god. You are to retrieve it, Sarctanum. If you fail me in this, the denzins of the empyrean will have an eternity to feed upon your soul, as I shall deliver you to them myself.
Retrieve what is mine. Use all available sources, punish the Blood Angels for their impertinence, and feed their souls to our everliving masters.
To the Glory of the Undivided.

--++Transmission Ceases++--

--++Confirmed as The Despoiler++--
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CHAPTER II - Pushing the Advantage.
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