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 CHAPTER III - How to Destroy Angels.

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Draegon Eledor


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PostSubject: CHAPTER III - How to Destroy Angels.   Sun 16 Dec - 19:24:59

--##Incoming Transmission##--

--++Scrapcode Encrypted++-
--++Fortress of Kathrax++--

--++Battlebarge Mindscape Felony++--

--++Transcript as Follows++--

The Gods are smiling upon us old friend. Our Daemon missile is back in our hands, although the Dark Ones tell me it will be months before we can once again harness an entity to it.

Such things are not of a concern at this time.

Our Dark Apostles inform me that Kharn will indeed be given a new host, but the Blood God has enlisted his prowess in the Gore Pits, so we can no longer expect to see him when we finally push the lapdogs of the Corpse God from my planet.

They assemble. And this is a good thing. It has been too long since I bared my soul and might in battle. Our Augers are telling us of a force of between two and three great companies of the vermin. I will need you to assault them and break their numbers in the wilds, as half of our forces are currently playing with Russ' dogs in the Halo Stars at this time.

I tell you my Brother, this fight at the gates of my home will be a glorious thing. I may even allow them entry, as we currently have... 'Visitors' from the Great Ocean. I will be sure to get a feed to your ship so you can enjoy the rending of these red fools, and the ending of their slavery to the False Emperor.

We are sending the co-ordinates of their muster area shortly, from your recent reports it seems they grow weary of the meat grinder that this endevour has become for them. You will be joined by fleet ships from the Putriescent Fellowship. Between you, you will have more than enough firepower to see these fools off.

To the Glory of the Eight.

--++Transmission Ceases++--

--++Confirmed as The Despoiler++--
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CHAPTER III - How to Destroy Angels.
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