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 City Scrap

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PostSubject: City Scrap   Mon 17 Dec - 17:58:43

City Scrap

Vargard Obyron with seven lychguard armed with Hyperphase swords and dispersion shields led a small force to defend the ruins of an unknown alien city on the planet code named P -22314B. He was accompanied by two squads of deathmarks and a troop of immortals, plus the Doom Scythe NNV Precision Strike.

The imperial forces were a battalion of Blood Angels nearly double his strength, but Dark Eldar elements moved in our support to even the odds. Deathmarks occupied the tall buildings centrally and the Vargard hung back in reserve whilst immortals took the ground floor of the large building in the centre. On the right, the dark Eldar with their elegant vessels moved gracefully through the ruins.

Support fire from orbit was ineffective for us but the humans destroyed a dark Eldar transport and inflicted early losses. A drop pod arrived on the right and disgorged a dreadnaught which engaged our temporary friends. The advance in the centre was general with three squads of assault marines led by a hideously powerful warlord.

We poured fire into the enemy but their heavy armour stood them in good stead and the assault when it came in was devastating, the enemy warlord wiping out one half of our immortals and an assault squad the other half. Dark Eldar jet bikes moving across to support us were easily despatched, meanwhile a further deep strike behind us menaced the lychguard.

Fortunately our reserves arrived immediately, the Precision Strike surging up the left for us and a flier for the Dark Eldar on the right. Our deathmarks and the imperial dreadnaught seemed particularly ineffective and though imperial reserves were detected in orbit, they failed to commit either their terminators or other dreadnaught.

The Precision Strike and deathmarks depleted significantly the assault marines who had failed to assault our immortals and Obyron used his teleport ability to threaten the enemy rear on the left. The Dark Eldar were meanwhile in assault in the centre but they could not hold and were forced back even as they reinforced their troops having destroyed the dreadnaught.

The lychguard were assaulted and destroyed easily by the marines, only Obyron surviving injured after despatching a sergeant who had the temerity to challenge him. Obyron teleported away to support his allies in the centre.

The Precision Strike meanwhile had been caught in melta fire from the marines and exploded, our deathmarks did finish off the central assault squad but the marines remained strong, seriously depleting the Dark Eldar and with units still available in reserve and on our left.

We phased out having lost 660 of 1010 point deployed, about two thirds of our original strength. The Dark Eldar were also seriously depleted whilst the Imperials had lost only three units and remained on the field triumphant, cursed be the name of their depraved mutant god emperor.


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City Scrap
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