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 A Life on the Ocean Wave

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PostSubject: A Life on the Ocean Wave   Wed 2 Jan - 17:15:45

A Life On The Ocean Wave
We commandeered the boat now that its owners were busy verifying the existence or otherwise of the afterlife. We sailed downriver at stately pace occasionally showing flashes of navigational brilliance, our list of achievements was in fact considerable: We struck no icebergs, failed to create any oil slicks, did not drop off any waterfalls, the list goes on and on.

Travelling near to the Dagger Hills we spotted a large airship, clearly flying from Van Cleef’s secret base. We passed through a large gorge webbed with rope bridges before finally reaching the sea.

Once we reached open water things became a little trickier, as we closed with the lighthouse, the sea became somewhat rock strewn. Why they had chosen to build a lighthouse in such dangerous waters was beyond me, it seemed downright dangerous.

We quickly struck a rock and discovered that wooden hulls and rocks meeting at speed has consequences that leave a salty taste in the mouth.* Fortunately we had got quite close before disaster struck, thanks largely to the excellence of my seamanship.** I spent the final part of the voyage as admiral of a dismembered mast to which we clung like drowned rats. Not for the first time I wished that I could fly like Puderillo who perched atop the lighthouse waiting with Plainsweaver’s hawk.

*Hey, clean it up there, I am of course referring to non sexual ways of getting this you pervert

** Ok ‘m not going to tell you again

As we drifted ashore clinging to debris from our converted vessel* Puderillo reported that Merlocs were besieging the tower, attempting to batter down the door. We emerged from the waters and attacked the fishy force. I let them have it with a cone of cold before becoming invisible to pick off one or two other opponents including one of their spellcasters.

*Converted into a wreck

The whole party did well dealing with the creatures; missile fire from the human, good work by the orc and Plainsweaver and even the Night elf. After the action concluded we donned our red neckerchiefs and the beleaguered defenders welcomed us in. Just as soon as we gave the password….

Which we didn’t know. The cautious defenders retreated back inside and barred the dented door against us. The Tauren destroyed it with acid and we swarmed in, Lutzbar and I going up the stairs, the rest descending. We passed a guard on the stairwell and sent him tumbling down the stairs where he skittled through the rest of the party who were descending to find the passage out to the Dead Mines.

Quick thinking by Plainsweaver got the drop on two more luckless guards and the tower was quickly ours to command as only five defenders could be found. We piled up some corpses to block the entrance and did some looting revealing several hundred gold coins to add to the few pearls I had taken from a fallen Merloc.

We had several injuries and spells to recover however and decided to rest up. Whilst we did so we read a book that we’d discovered setting out the Defias philosophy.* Written by Van Cleef in the ‘About the Author’ section it recounted again the story we had heard about the betrayal of the builders of Stormwind.

*Every cog in a machine however small, is vital to the operation of the whole/ The ends justify the means/ Van Cleef Rocks/ No need to fear death as your children will replace you, yadder yadder

Van Cleef was described as an assassin and the house of nobles got the blame for ratting out on the deal for Stormwind. Apparently the nobles had hoped to bribe key stonemasons and people like Van Cleef by offering them honours rather than cash. It was also noted that Stormwind can only be destroyed in the same way it was built, by machines and hard labour. It also talked about an ancient large machine called a Leviathan, some sort of super heavy airship of ogre construction.

We also discovered a memo advising the new password. Challenge: A Dead Traveller carries no treasure and a ruined village has no plunder. To which the correct response is: Racketeering Not Murder. Let’s not forget this one!

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A Life on the Ocean Wave
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