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 Angelic Upstarts

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PostSubject: Angelic Upstarts   Mon 21 Jan - 17:15:42

Angelic Upstarts

Overlord Zamakak led a force to Charis 89 comprising seven Praetorians, three wraiths, three aconthrites and ten immortals. The Doomsday Ark NNV Day of Judgement also accompanied him. Blood angel assault marines had been reported and sure enough two squads each accompanied by one of their warrior priests appeared heading straight for our positions.

The Day of Judgement opened fire as dawn’s early light began to streak the sky and the right hand fearless squad took the first casualties as we seized the initiative. Our wraiths advanced to occupy the ruin in the centre and the praetorians and Zamakak’s squad advanced on our right. The Aconthrites held our left, wary of moving toward the enemy objective with sensors showing an approaching deep strike. Our second immortal squad held our objective deep.

The enemy units forged forward to assault the wraiths in the ruins, but only the fearless unit succeeded beginning an epic tussle. Our one wraith with no whip coils fell plus two marines as a lengthy struggle began. The failure of the other squad to assault left them exposed and two more marines fell to the Day of Judgement’s doomsday cannon.

The aconthrites failed to get into range as did the praetorians who attempted an assault unsuccessfully. Amusingly the marines suffered a casualty as a melta weapon exploded as they fired overwatch. The wraiths remained unsupported therefore continued to tussle in the central stalemate.

The deep striking HQ unit led by an alien identified only as Dante now arrived close to our left almost on top of the aconthrites, firing into them point blank with no effect. The second assault marine group now arrived and the wraiths finally fell.

The Day of Judgement, rearmost immortals and aconthrites now all fired on the HQ felling just one marine despite accurate shooting. The praetorians’ assault now destroyed one marine squad and the other took a fusillade from the Day of Judgement’s starboard flayer array.

The enemy HQ now flew to assault the praetorians and wiped them out in turn leaving the second squad free to assault Zamakak and his immortals that had drawn closer with a view to supporting the assault. Sixty percent of his troops fell under fire though the squad sergeant was amusingly killed by a second weapon overload.

Only Zamakak survived the assault but held his ground. The Day of Judgement firing on the enemy HQ now reduced the winged marines to two plus Dante who had by now lost half his wounds. The second priest, cowering in the rear after refusing Zamakak’s challenge was also vaporised. Zamakak now was felled but regenerated as the enemy regrouped.

The enemy HQ fled back to take their objective whilst Dante headed for the Day of Judgement. Zamakak was brutally finished off by the enemy assault marines and the melta of Dante detonated the Day of Judgement. The Aconthrites chased the enemy winged marines holding the objective and wiped them out with their meltas, but Dante destroyed our immortals holding our objective with a desperate assault.

The other assault marines engaged our aconthrites but neither side suffered greatly in the action and the engagement broke off with no objectives held by either side. Both had linebreaker but the marine shad taken first blood and slain Zamakak. The enemy had lost about 80% of their forces with perhaps 5 marines and Dante who was wounded left. We had lost all but the aconthrites, one wounded, a casualty rate around 85%.

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Angelic Upstarts
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