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 Attack from all sides

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PostSubject: Attack from all sides   Tue 26 Feb - 18:21:12

Attack From All Sides

The 600th Tactical Assault Squadron detached a command squad to assault Imperial forces on Millacta Supreme. Using the unique code discovered by Cryptek Danzalliv two years ago, Overlord Resqe Ohsica arranged a coordinated attack on the imperial force with elements of the Tyranid hive fleet code named Beacon.

The overlord had his royal court of five lords and five crypteks. All lords were armed with gauntlets of fire and all had armour upgrades, mindshackle scarabs, Tesseract labyrinths and phase shifters. The overlord had a tachyon arrow and resurrection orb, the crypteks were armed with eldritch lances except one who had an aeonstave and chronometron. One also had a gaze of flame.

Apart from this, he had three particle beamer armed tomb blades, two fitted with additional shielding and just two squads of warriors. Total force strength was 1500, over 70% concentrated in the HQ. Six objectives were identified, held by freshly arrived Blood Angels and surprisingly, Tau troops aboard several transports clearly fully integrated with the imperial force.

Our joint forces deployed from ambush positions all around the enemy, the Overlord striking from the Northwest sector, the remainder from the south east. Tyranid forces landed all around the enemy who had a total of nine Tau broadsides split between east and west, a powerful death company in the South west, sanguinary angels and a priest to the North and a walker in the centre. More Tau transports containing fire warriors and pathfinders were scattered around the battlefield.

Monstrous Tyranids landed across the whole field and large swarms of termagants poured on from the west in particular. Our forces were highly effective in initial engagement in the west, our HQ destroying the western broadsides using Tesseract labyrinths and Tyrannid swarms crashed into several units of marines. By contrast in the east our warriors and jetbikes were totally ineffective attacking the six eastern broadsides supported by more tyrannids.

Heavy fighting continued in the west as Tyranids grappled with the Imperial death squad and more creatures assaulted towards the North and North west objectives. Our warriors took the southern objective and Tyranid assault was contesting in the south east as our bikes headed north to engage fire warriors occupying a large ruin that dominated the north east objective.

The sanguinary unit took casualties from our eldritch lances and we engaged as they assaulted us and two more tesseracts were successful, wiping out the unit. Death company moved towards our HQ having disposed of their attackers, but Tyranid heavy units were sniping from roof tops, three objectives were being contested by our allies and we held another, only the south west was in enemy hands and this would be temporary as Death Company was drawn away to attack us.

An enemy flyer appeared from the North east and attacked, it would remain a torn in our sides for the rest of the battle though it did take a few glancing hits when it unwisely overflew our troops later on. The Tyranids took the north and north east objectives losing large numbers in the process but replacements were being spawned by their mother creatures. They had also destroyed the enemy dreadnaught early in the centre though they were losing monstrous creatures too including their brain stealer that dropped in to the south west and did damage before elimination.

We continued to delay death squad with our battling, losing personnel steadily despite regeneration. Mindshackle scarabs were proving effective, the aeonstave unfortunately failed to wound Dante who had initially killed a lord in single combat.

Our jet bikes and Tyranid forces swept the Tau fire warriors from their ruin in the north east allowing the tyrannids to occupy the final northern objective. We had now lost one bike though and at least one warrior. Our HQ squad was twice wiped out by death company but regenerated in shrinking numbers each time until finally it came down to our overlord alone. The rest of the exasperated marines broke away and assaulted and destroyed both our warrior squads in a single combined attack, and Resque finally fell to Dante after delaying and frustrating the enemy for a long period.

Dante, the enemy leader was now free to attack and destroy our remaining bikes but apart from him the enemy had only about a quarter of Death Company remaining. It continued in combat in the south east sector with Tyranid forces who had finally trashed the eastern broadsides.

Hive guard occupied the other two southern objectives so after a very long battle, the objective score was four one, (Dante had taken the northern objective) with first blood to us and our warlord, Resque slain, so five two overall. All Necrons and Tau were eliminated, itís estimated that the Blood Angels and Tyrannids both suffered 90% casualties in a bloody contest.

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Attack from all sides
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