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 Battered Wolves

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PostSubject: Battered Wolves   Tue 21 May - 17:34:03

Battered Wolves

1500 strong elements of the 902nd Shock Division under Overlord Veminax deployed against Space Wolves attempting to dislodge our forces on Stobidor. He deployed two tomb spyders with four scarabs on our left flank with the Annihilation Barges NNV Diligent and NNV Praetorian Star towards the centre.

In woods in the centre a squad of gauss blaster equipped immortals took position with the Overlord and his court of three lords and three crypteks behind. On the right on high ground eleven warriors, in reserve, a fourth cryptek with nine tesla armed immortals aboard the NNV Storm Herald, a Night Scythe.

Opposite our right, a heavy support group in ruins an enemy warlord known as Logan with a squad of terminators, opposite our left, another squad of terminators and wolf cavalry.

We opened fire first, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy heavy support group and early losses on the cavalry whilst spawning additional scarabs. The enemy advanced and began taking losses from our guns especially the Barges and the eldritch lances of our crypteks. The scarabs assaulted the enemy cavalry and were destroyed despite their best efforts.

The cavalry then attempted unsuccessfully to assault the spyders, but were destroyed by them when they countered with their own smash attacks. Meanwhile after a delay the Storm Herald arrived and disgorged its immortals bringing heavy fire against the advancing marines who had lost all but their two leaders by the time they assaulted the immortals.

The immortals having lost their cryptek were wiped out by the powerful space wolf leaders, but both were wounded now and the heavy support unit which had picked off one cryptek and inflicted a few losses on our warriors was now finished off. The fresh terminator unit on our left arrived undamaged and assaulted our spyders which were both already wounded. They failed to do any damage to the marines though delaying their advance before falling.

Back on the right the marine leaders were cut to pieces by massed fire from the barges immortals and crypteks, our HQ unit and warriors began to move to support the Annihilation Barges on the left of our position. The Storm Herald also swung around to attack, but despite this the terminators were able to destroy both our barges in assault as the engagement ended using their melta weaponry, both exploding.

Although the enemy force was just three terminators strong, it had secured first blood, linebreaker and destroyed four of our units. We had destroyed four units including the enemy warlord, so a narrow strategic defeat 5-6 despite our losses amounting to less than 45% compared to Imperial losses estimated at 90%, indeed two of our four surviving units were completely intact. Remarkably our Lords and Overlord had not even opened fire, Veminax’s only wound was inflicted by a stray blue on blue tesla bolt.

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Battered Wolves
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