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 Fightus Interruptus

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PostSubject: Fightus Interruptus   Mon 3 Jun - 13:08:47

Fightus Interruptus

In the Karastican Sector Illuminor Szeras demanded and received permission to ally with the Dark Eldar to search for artefacts in the Nibiculan System. On Ormord III, a small moon they located a number of promising signals indicating their quarry. Two emanated from large bastions with two more between, one atop a small hillock and the other in ruins.

Szeras led a 994 strong force: A sentry pylon was deployed on the western edge of the battleground to provide cover, a lord with 14 enhanced warriors took the left flank to the west, Szeras in the centre with ten gauss blaster equipped immortals, five crypteks on the right armed with eldritch staves. The annihilation barge NNV Scorched Earth also took the right.

Dark Eldar forces were promised to support but only two distant transports evidenced this as they appeared in the east along with the first streaks of dawn. As this was well away from the concentration of objectives it seemed they might have an agenda of their own, one that did include the concept of offering support to their allies.

The enemy when it appeared was an unexpected mix: Followers of the human corpse emperor, blood angels including sanguinary guard and a drop pod containing a walker. On the right daemon hordes appeared and a walker materialised behind the marines on the left. As we advanced and took out a few marines, the enemy drop pod fell behind out sentry pylon evading its interception fire.

The blood angels poured forward, rapidly seizing the western objective as our immortals took the objective in open ground. Termagants then unexpectedly erupted from the ground in both the ruins and western bastion, adding an even more confusing dimension. The termagants opened fire on our crypteks, killing three but in the assault that followed they were driven off by our lightning field and fled.

The blood angels now assaulted our warriors, the lord challenging their leader, whilst chaos swarms assaulted the immortals. The Dark Eldar engaged the enemy on the right fighting for a bastion, which they damaged, but they faced a daemon and Tyranids began to appear close to them too. The sentry pylon was damaged by the emergent walker whilst large Tyranid forces appeared behind the blood angels and daemons disrupting their plans causing them to divert forces to counter the threat.

Our lord was killed and the warriors broke and fled, however, they rallied and took cover, turning their fire on the walker with no success. The lord meanwhile reanimated and resumed his challenge, remaining deadlocked and surrounded by the blood angels. The immortals were struggling in assault with the chaos spawn, slowly reducing their number, whilst the remaining crypteks and Scorched Earth further reduced the numbers of cowering termagants.

On the right demonic forces occupied the bastion there, seizing the objective there despite heavy losses and severe damage to the bastion from our allies. Some additional Dark Eldar reserves began to creep on. A huge Tyranid mother creature was destroyed by the angels and the walker behind us, whilst depleting our warriors could not press its assault.

The action broke off very quickly, the angels had lost a few marines to us, chaos a few spawn to the immortals and the Tyranids had lost about three quarters of the termagants that had attacked our crypteks. The Dark Eldar / Chaos action fought distantly on our right had left chaos holding a objective, they had also taken first blood whilst the walker had linebreaker.

The Tyranids held the western objective, possibly contested and our immortals were being denied their objective by the chaos spawn though they had lost about two thirds of their number. The Dark Eldar missed the open goal of taking the remaining objective close to our crypteks with their light transport vehicle, it’s believed that they suffered some losses, but hey the impressive rapidity of their retreat made it hard to tell.*

*Plus you couldn’t see them for dust!

We had lost three immortals, ten warriors and three crypteks plus slight damage to the pylon. Rallied strength was 708, losses of a little under thirty percent. Our lord held out very well against the assault but was clearly on borrowed time, in the following turn with a fair wind we might have destroyed the walker, termagants and chaos spawn but our lord and warriors would probably have fallen.

The Dark Eldar might also have brought up some worthwhile assets and two objectives lay open for us in the centre…who knows? As it was, only the unexpected arrival of the Tyranids had prevented the full might of the angels crashing through us. And with our support late and in the wrong place, we were lucky to get away as lightly as we did.

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Fightus Interruptus
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