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 Orphean Update

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PostSubject: Orphean Update   Mon 6 Jan - 12:44:28

Epsilon Alpha Control report to Area Command

+++Sector designated Orpheus by the enemy remains heavily contested+++ Enemy Dog marines have reinforced Scarlet Marine main force++ Tyranid and Dark Eldar elements have interceded several times+++ Even the Tau empire has lent forces to the enemy on occasion+++

+++17 major engagements to date++++ We have triumphed in seven and lost seven+++ The remaining three were stalemates+++ The enemy has been forced from Sectors Arcantis and Hydroghast+++ However we have failed to take Amarah to date and have been forced to withdraw and regroup temporarily +++Sector Thamyris has now also been lost +++ Total estimated enemy losses exceed 25000, our own are in excess of 24000+++ 90% of enemy losses estimated to have been suffered by the Scarlet marine main force+++

++++We have lost seven overlords including two warlords++++ Amongst our other losses; 16 annihilation barges, 3 doomsday arks, 8 doom scythes, 2 Triarch stalkers, 6 Night scythes, a gauss pylon, 2 Night shrouds, 4 sentry pylons and a monolith+++

+++ Intelligence analysis suggests that a major force is building for a final conflict+++ Location of enemy mustering point unknown, determining its position of Optimal importance+++ Request our apocalyptic units ready themselves to support command grid Alpha 6 Alpha +++++ Overlord Schomnicour is assigned command this date+++ Do Not fail+++ The fate of the entire sector will rest on one final battle+++
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Orphean Update
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