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 Action Continues

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PostSubject: Action Continues   Thu 25 Jun - 17:27:23

Action Continues
Our reserve now began to arrive, the NNV Ingenious dropped a bomb aiming for the terminators advancing against our left, but it missed and struck Grimnar who casually shrugged it off. Firing on the long fangs, the Night Shroud killed several to make up for the miss.

The Blood Claws now took more losses and broke as the immortals fired on them. The wolf guard on the right also broke and fled the scene altogether, together with so called hero Ulrik the Slayer after being hit by the praetorians on our right. The dreadnaught walker was hit a second time by our CíTanís destroyer weapon, but this time it was not so lucky and was destroyed utterly.

Two terminators fell on our left and two grey hunters in the centre as our destroyers and warriors scored. Estimated losses to our shooting: Over 550. The warriors on the right in combat with the swiftclaws were deadlocked, the only warrior that fell successfully reanimating. The enemy now advanced and opened fire.

One immortal fell in the centre, two praetorians centre right andÖ that was it. This included failed snap shots at our flier by the long fangs. The enemy flier meanwhile, had failed to arrive so far. Assaults now. Logan and the terminators nearby failed their charges as did the skyclaws on the CíTan.

The scouts had rapid fired but skyclaws and grey hunters assaulted the praetorians armed with rods of covenant on our right, one falling to overwatch. A bloodclaw also fell to the Cí Tanís overwatch as Lucas and his team fell short because of difficult terrain. Grey hunters engaged our immortals centre right.

A swiftclaw fell at last with no response, but the bikersí morale held. A praetorian fell but their counter attack killed three skyclaws and the grey hunters broke and fled. The central grey hunters took out three of four immortals but the survivor held.

Our deathmarks now arrived, deep striking point blank next to the undamaged terminator unit on the left. Our warriors on the left fell back from the advancing Logan and terminators, whilst the destroyers moved up in support along with our lone tomb blade. The Cí Tan by passed Lucas leaving lychguard to close him down. The Overlord and his guard moved to join the assault where our last immortal was surrounded, and the two praetorians and wraith moved to help the warriors fighting the bikes.

The Ingenious now bombed the Long Fangs wiping them out and catching a nearby wolfguard in the blast too, blinding the survivors. Three wolf scouts were then cut down by its tesla systems. The C íTan took out one skyclaw in the centre. The warriors now took down a terminator with volley fire, the destroyers did nothing, but the lone Blade wounded Arjac.

The deathmarks now took down a pair of terminators in the other unit using their deathmark well. In assault, the warriors could do nothing against the bikes, but the praetorian pair that arrived despatched one immediately. The praetorians with rods of covenants meanwhile finished the last skyclaw easily. The Cí Tan wiped out the four central skyclaws with equal ease. Five grey hunters now fell to the lychguard/ overlord/ immortal combination and the two survivors unsurprisingly broke.

Lucas lost his last blood claw and was wounded but took down one lychguard. Now the stormwolf arrived at last. Still 13 wolf units in existence but five at 50% or below and two more damaged. We still had 15 remaining at this point, three at half strength or less and three more damaged. We had not to this point lost a unit, though this would likely change in the next exchange, but the marines were eight units down from their start of 21. It would have been worse but for the fearless nature of the wolves that meant that several units had rallied without needing morale tests. Total strength of the sides from around 2200 v 2800 in the mutants favour now something like 1851 v 1512 in ours.

The Ingenious was now attacked from behind by the enemy flier and took a glancing and penetrating hit which it survived. The enemy moved into assault positons, Logan and the terminators moving towards the destroyers and tomb blade and others preparing to take on lychguard and the Cí Tan.

Grey hunters on the left opted to rapid fire the three praetorians close by but this had no effect. The wolf scouts and two survivors of the routed grey hunter unit were similarly ineffective against the Overlord and his lychguard entourage in the centre. No harm to the deathmarks from Njal and his terminators, Arjac and his terminators were ineffective against the tomb blade, Logan failed to wound any destroyers, and the blinded wolf guard failed to injure any deathmarks.

A disastrous shooting round, would assault fare better? The skyclaws, unable to harm the Cí Tan in assault hung back and the grey hunters and scouts had rapid fired. The terminators and Njal attacked the deathmarks losing one to overwatch, Arjac attacked the tomb blade and Logan crashed in to the destroyers.

The swiftclaw was now destroyed by the warriors and praetorians. Lukas fell to the lychguard, taking one with him. The joint assault against the deathmarks killed three for no loss but the deathmarks held. Our tomb blade fell to the lone terminator with Arjac, Logan killed two destroyers and the third broke and fell back.

Our turn and the destroyer continued to fall back, the Ingenious now bombed the hitherto untouched grey warriors on or right, killing half of them. Our praetorians and crypteks now took out three more, leaving two to be mown down by the rapid fire of nine warriors. The other cryptek and pair of praetorians took out two wolf scouts, and the remainder fell back, at least for the moment.

The Cí Tan fired on the hovering flier but failed to damage it or the nearby skyclaws. The Ingenious had moved out of range so could not fire. The lychguard and overlord assaulted the last grey hunters and destroyed them easily, our deathmarks fell equally easily though. The lychguard now assaulted Logan and inflicted two wounds and he was unable to wound despite having seven attacks.

We were winning on the right but it was closer centre and left. We had 12 units left though only five were unscathed and one was in retreat. The enemy was down to nine units, just three undamaged. Approximate strengths: 1647 v 1160. The enemy stormwolf, now in flight mode almost shot down the Ingenious. It took two penetrating hits, but thanks to regeneration of its living metal hull it survived, though its bomb bay systems went offline.

The scouts now killed two out of three praetorians with rods of covenant, whilst the skyclaws poured fire into the Cí Tan killing it. Although four units were affected by the explosion including our lychguard, no one was hurt. The terminators and their leaders now assaulted our overlordís dispersion shield equipped unit, whilst the wolf guard moved to assist Logan.

The warscythe lychguard lost one of their number, but killed Logan in reply, warlord slain! Arjac now fell to the overlord whilst the lychguard massacred Njal and the two terminators. End of turn four.

A lone scout fell to the warriors and praetorian shots, a single skyclaw to the other praetorians closing on them. Our lone immortal shot against the skyclaws was also resisted. Our rallied destroyer fired wild at the skyclaws and the left hand warriors now advancing also picked one off.

The lone praetorian and cryptek assaulted and killed one skyclaw but the marines held. The two praetorians with particle casters and void blades plus their cryptek now attacked claiming one skyclaw with hammer of wrath. The cryptek was wounded but four skyclaws fell and they broke, only to rally immediately as we attempted a sweeping advance.

Our overlord brought his five lychguard to support the two fighting three wolf guard, and the three units destroyed the enemy for no further loss. Only the storm wolf was undamaged and it swung towards the left and engaged our lone destroyer. Incredibly it survived both the hellfrost and laser cannon hits. No other shooting, the three skyclaws and their three opponents failed to cause any injuries, the same deadlock for the three scouts against two Necrons.

The Ingenious returned and fired on the stormwolf scoring a glancing hit. The destroyer and warriors on the left fired at it scoring two hits but no damage. The right hand warriors now reinforced the cryptek and praetorian on the right fighting the three scouts, the overlord and his lychguard arrived to help against the skyclaws plus the lone immortal. The two war scythe armed lychguard failed their assault.

The warrior wave took out two scouts and the cryptek took the last for no loss. The cryptek and overlord finished the skyclaws, the praetorians failing and the lychguard and immortal not needing to hit. The storm wolf wisely withdrew.

With just the Stormwolf remaining only 215 points had escaped. Our survivors roll call was: The NNV Ingenius, on one hull point, bomb bay non-operational; The Overlord, all five lychguard with Hyperphase swords and dispersion shields; two lychguard with warscythes; one immortal, two squads of warriors, one ten strong and one nine strong; one destroyer; one wounded cryptek with two praetorians with particle casters and void blades, one cryptek with one Triarch Praetorian with rod of covenant; total strength: 1093. Eleven units, four undamaged, seven at 50% strength or worse, of these three, the Night Shroud, immortals and one praetorian unit below 25% strength.


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Action Continues
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