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 A Minor Skirmish

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PostSubject: A Minor Skirmish   Mon 9 Jul - 12:39:47

A Minor Skirmish

Overlord Korbrek aboard the Barge NNV Phaeronic Steed engaged a Tyrannid swarm at Thorric Ridge. With him a stalker and two units of warriors, one including a cryptek. Total strength was 495.

The enemy closed rapidly taking fire and Korbreck engaged the monstrous leading creature. Gene stealers assaulted on our right and wiped out our right hand warrior squad, taking serious casualties as they did so.

The main swarm assault took losses from our stalker and locked in combat with it, Korbreck meanwhile continued to make sweeping attacks and assaults on the enemy HQ. After valiant efforts though, the Phaeronic Steed exploded and Korbrek was slain in single combat.

The enemy monster failed to assault our stalker, but it was making little headway against the many opponents and the crypteks warrior squad unwisely joined the assault as time was pressing. The outcome was swift after that, and Tyrannids won the day for the loss of one unit and probably 50% damage to the other two.

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A Minor Skirmish
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