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 CHAPTER I - The Kel-Morian Foothills.

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Al-Farrak Bin Saladin


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PostSubject: CHAPTER I - The Kel-Morian Foothills.   Mon 19 Nov - 23:24:43

Exert from battle log created by Augustus Corvo
----## Augustus Corvo: Reclusiarch
---# Command Level: Leader of Men of the Red Mist's '3rd Company' and attached Sanguine Coven.

---### Begin log ###---

I am honoured to have received the privilege of scouring the heretical war band known as Draegon's Despoilers from the Kel-Morian foothills thus enabling 3rd Company to launch a direct attack on the supply stations that the chaos forces have built in the northern wastelands of Flagellant 9.

I led 3 of 3rd Company's finest assault teams, I personally led IV squad, leaving V and II squads in the capable hands of Sergeant Cole and Sergeant Carmine, the the latter met his end in a glorious struggle with a Daemonic hellbeast. All three squads where accompanied by a Priest of the Sanguine Coven.

Supporting my aggressive spearhead stratagem would be 3rd Company's IX and X devastator squads, alongside an old battle-brother of mine; Clavell Haddon, now preserved for eternity in the form of a mighty Furosio Dreadnaught.

In opposition, long range scanners had detected a large mob of renegades and mutants, 2 'squads' of turncoat marines, which where supported by heavy weapons teams and a mechanical war construct of unknown pattern.

The battle begun with the forces of Chaos using some form of warp trickery to create illusions of their forces, which led to a large contingent of renegade marines being able to infiltrate to a position that was in close proximity to our landing zone. The heretics war machine and heavy weapons teams also laid down suppressing fire upon V squad, tearing familiar battle-brother apart, but thus is the nature of war. X devastator squad also sustain casualties from the infiltrated Marines which now revealed themselves to be members of the Thousand Sons traitor legion.

Obviously I did not stand still and let my men die for no reason, ordering my faithful men, we surged forward into the breach, at the same time Clavell Haddon deployed himself from the heavens in a fashion that fully represents the nature of a Furioso, smashing into the Thousand Sons. IX and X squads continued to lay down suppressing fire that caused widespread destruction amongst the traitor's ranks. Striking further into the Chaos line V squad continued to sustain heavy losses even with the soothing nature of a red Priest.

At the visible presence of a Daemon Prince, Sergeant Carmine diverted from the main assault group to meet the beast in melee combat, due to his squad suffering at the hands of a Chaos lord who unleash some sort of warp sorcery, he advanced upon the beast with his squad at under half strength, his men and brother of the Crimson Coven died alongside him a glorious duel which had a visible effect on the beast, his death was not a complete folly.

I led my men into a gorge against the massed rabble of mutants, charging into the mob, me and my men could hear the singing of Sanguinus in our ears as we succumbed to the --##(record deleted)##-- our body infused with the hatred of those who would stand against the God-Emperor, the mob was no match for us and fell to a thousand hacking blows from the holy chainsword. Unbeknownst to me, warriors of the blood god had flanked the main force and all but destroyed IX and X squads, their service will be remembered for all time, recorded in the halls of the Red Mist back on Baal.

Clavell Haddon, after witnessing the death of Sergeant Carmine, finished off the Thousand Sons squad and moved to attack the Daemon Prince, in his rage he left the safety of cover and was critically damaged by the heavy weapons platform to the north, it fills me with great sorrow that I will not hear his council again.

I was now that I faced my own struggle, An 'Apostle' stood before me and personally challenged me to single combat, I struck swiftly and ended his heretical life, at the time I wondered why, but in hindsight the crazed cultist must have been possessed to act as a distraction for the Daemon 'Prince' which now was cutting swathes through my men, after a sustained combat I and what few men I had left where victorious over the Prince, Sergeant Cole in the mean time charged the unknown weapons platform and assaulted the heavy weapons team that protected it, he was followed into the fray by the single surviving battle-brother of his squad. I in the mean time led an attack on the single vehicle that took to the field, destroying it and consolidating my position to reinforce Sergeant Cole.

After a short hand to hand combat we stood victorious over the renegades, my original force of 44 marines was now depleted to a mere 4. No matter, the cost was justified and the gene-seed of the fallen shall be harvested to create a new page in our Chapter's honour records.

The Kel-Morian Foothills are now controlled by the Men of the Red Mist.

------####Casualties sustained.
IV Squad - 9 Battle Brothers
V Squad - 8 Battle Brothers and a Sanguinary Priest
II Squad - 10 Battle Brothers including Sergeant Carmine and a Sanguinary Priest (Squad Destroyed)
IX Squad - 5 Battle Brothers (Squad Destroyed)
X Squad - 5 Battle Brothers (Squad Destroyed)
Clavell Haddon (Destroyed)

----### End Log ###----

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Draegon Eledor


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PostSubject: Re: CHAPTER I - The Kel-Morian Foothills.   Tue 20 Nov - 12:00:17

--##Incoming Transmission##--

--++Scrapcode Encrypted++--++Fortress of Kathrax++--

--++Transcript as Follows--++

++So my brothers, it seems as though our old kin have come to pay us a visit. The followers of the Corpse God have made planetfall in the Kel-Morian foothills. All is as the Great Mutator foretold.

Our brothers of the IX Glorious Vangaurd gave them a warm welcome as befitted the late Apostle Braemus. His soul shall shall be welcomed into the empyrium. But that is as far as I am willing to allow them. We muster, my warriors of the Great Mutator.

We shall show these Blood Angel scum what it means to enter the realms of the Despoiler, and we shal feast upon their bones and take their gene-seed taken and warped to my will.

Cast your will now to the destruction of these lesser marines, and bring their souls to mankinds true masters.

For the Glory of the Undivided.++

--++Transmission Ceases++--

--++Confirmed as The Despoiler++--
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CHAPTER I - The Kel-Morian Foothills.
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