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 Sick Chaos Horde Kicks Ass

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PostSubject: Sick Chaos Horde Kicks Ass   Mon 2 Dec - 12:57:09

Sick Chaos Horde Kicks Ass

The Calastan outpost monitoring the warp anomaly in the Bachanide Nebula reported unusual readings before falling silent three days ago. Overlord Mhanag’ Zhaallek led a force 1500 strong to investigate but arrived to find the station destroyed. Investigating the remote datastation to recover outpost sensor logs a chaos daemon attack developed.

Zhaallek had four wraiths and two squads of immortals, one led by a cryptek, the other led by him. Four daemons appeared together with a rhino and attacked. A gate appeared close to his squad disgorging another daemon close by. A larger squad of daemons began advancing against his left.

Our wraiths engaged the daemons advancing against our left as the enemy daemons advanced against our right, the cryptek destroyed the gate with his voltaic staff and Zhaallek himself assaulted and killed the lone daemon it had brought for first blood.

Our Night Scythe the NNV Full Intensity arrived on the left and disembarked a squad of deathmarks led by a cryptek. The deathmarks marked and fired on the enemy daemon warlord with little effect, whilst the Full Intensity inflicted some losses against the nurglings that had appeared on our left.

The enemy deep struck with another troop squad to their rear to secure an objective, whilst a walker appeared in the centre. The two daemon princes on our right assaulted our immortals destroying them easily; our left hand immortals had taken serious losses to long range enemy fire.

Our wraiths were finished when the warlord joined the assault and our forces were crumbling. The few surviving daemons on that flank were cut down by our immortals but the chaos warriors nurglings and warlord remained on the left, not to mention the transport.

Both the remaining immortals and our Overlord sought cover in difficult terrain but the immortals were destroyed by chaos marines that emerged from the transport and despite early success with his mindshackle scarabs the two princes attacked and killed him.

The NNV Power Surge now arrived on the right and landed its deathmarks close to the daemonic troops who had deep struck to take our objective. They marked and destroyed the squad with a little help from the Power Surge, but both our deathmark squads fell to devastating assaults and our fliers were taking damage too.

The Doom Scythe NNV Attack Vector now arrived but it could do little against the daemon princes and also took vector strike hits which eventually destroyed it in an explosion. The enemy walker was badly damaged, but with just the night scythes remaining they inflicted a few more losses on two squads including daemonettes before they were both shot down after taking damaging hits.

Complete destruction and defeat therefore 18 – 4, although at least five enemy squads had suffered casualties or damage at least five more were fully intact, estimated enemy fighting effectiveness remained at 80%.

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Sick Chaos Horde Kicks Ass
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